Monday, May 7, 2018

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 8/9, 2018

Announcements and Reminders Tuesday/Wednesday, May 8/9, 2018:
Our SAGE Reading Test will be on May 10-15.
Your phone will need a safe place while we are testing.  You may not have it with you while you are testing. 

Bring your own earbuds/headphones if you wish. 
You will need to use headphones. 

Come well-rested. 
Eat well, and drink enough water -- but not too much! 

You can practice with a training test at 
Click "Sign In."
Select Grade 7
Click "Yes."
Select "Reading Language and Listening"
Look over the Settings Options
Click "Select."
Click "Yes."
Do the Sound and Video Check.
Do the Text to Speech Sound Check.
Glance Through Instructions and Help.
Click on "Begin Test Now."

Read the questions for a passage.
Then read the passage.
Notice that you have Masking, a Dictionary, and Notes, 
and that you can highlight sections.
Notice how to use the editing questions. 
Some have a drop-down list of answers.  
There may be more that don't show until you scroll through them.
Some editing questions may require you to type a correction.
Read over your correction.  The sentence should make sense with it inserted.

May 23 is the last day to hand in late work, revisions, and 
extra credit. 

Your book project is due on May 16/17.  You will receive extra credit if you present early. 
See Required Reading/Book Assessments, April/May for more details.
We have 17/16 days of school left, including the hour or so on the last day.         


Targets for Today:

Prepare for testing and for the symbolic story representation (book project). 

Today’s  Agenda Tuesday/Wednesday, May 8/9, 2018:

1.  Individual reading, and finish your poster, if needed.

2. Your book project, due May 16/17.

Video sample of an SRR -- Symbolic Story Representation   about 3 minutes

3. Prepare for testing:
Practice test on SagePortal

from Gross Science

Reading poetry

Do you know what to do when asked questions about a poem that looks like this?
Notice that the poem is given in two different languages.

Reading a nonfiction article  -- Yo-Yo
Reading literature -- Tom Sawyer -- excerpt from a play

Additional Questions for Tom Sawyer --

If You Were Absent:
See above.  Be ready for SAGE Testing on Thursday and Friday. 


 Help and Enrichment 


7.   bicycle, we gave it

8.  American Fork Junior High School

10.  The experiments with the mice are going nicely.

You may see screens like this for the ELA test. 

Select the best answer:

Type in a correct answer:

Brain Breaks