Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday/Monday, May 18/21, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:

Some students will need to finish up their SAGE Testing today.
May 23 is the last day to hand in late work, revisions, and 
extra credit. 

Your book project is due on May16/17  (changed to) 
May 18/21.  
See Required Reading/Book Assessments, April/May for more details.
We have 9/8 days of school left, including the hour or so on the last day.  

Don't forget to study your Latin and Greek word roots!   -- TEST TODAY! 

There may be no cavetime on Wednesday, May 23. 
Thursday, May 24 will be a request day. 


Targets for Today:

I can use symbols to share more information more effectively about a scene from a book than I could without using symbols.

I can show that I know the assigned Latin word roots.

Today’s  Agenda:

1.  Prepare for the test on Latin Word Roots and the SSR Presentations.
2.  Test on Latin Word Roots.
          Write your name and period.
           Write your student number and bubble it in.
           Bubble in the answers. You may also mark on the test itself.

3.  SSR Presentations  in small groups  (Book Project)
     Write your name under "Student Presenting"  on one paper for each other student in your group.
     For each student you grade, write your name by "Student Scoring."

Return the sheets you graded people on to those you graded.  Each person should staple their own grades to their planning sheets, then hand in the packet to the top wire basket.

When finished, read, draw, visit quietly.

If You Were Absent:

See above.
Arrange a time to take the test and to present your SSR. 


 Help and Enrichment 

More examples: 

Figurative Language:  (for your posters) 

More Examples of Figurative Language!


"A hook shot kisses the rim. . . "
              from  "Fast Break" by Edward Hirsch



Alliteration example from Adeleigh W. :
Baby Billy broke my big brother's bottle of blobs, but built it back together by bananas, and Billy's buddies (Bilbo, Bach, Bonnie, Brian, Brianna, Becca, Benny, Ben, Bill, Bob, and Breatta) dropped by to buy the bottles of blueish, brownish blobs.

And just for fun: