Friday, February 2, 2018

Thursday/Friday, February 1/2, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Thursday/Friday, February 1/2, 2018 :

Targets for Today:

I can effectively present information I researched and paraphrased. 

If time:  I can find and use nonfiction sources to add to my understanding of fiction that is based on historical fact.    I can prepare to share what I have learned.

I can spell these commonly confused words:  cause/because and a lot/allot.  
                          (There is no "alot.") 
I can recognize and create simple sentences by their structure and purpose. 
         statements, questions, exclamations, commands or requests

Today’s  Agenda for Thursday/Friday, February 1/2, 2018 :

Watch for directions about where to sit:  A-Day classes chose their seats, B-Day had a seating chart.  

Prepare for sharing your book-of-the-month with your classmates by printing your Google Doc and stapling it to the top of the yellow rubric.  

Share information about your book and about its historical background with classmates. 

If extra time, a few students will present their famous person reports.  

If You Were Absent:
 See above.  Arrange a time to share your book project. 
If you did not have the written part of your project ready, turn it in as soon as you can. 


These are types of sentences by purpose:
declarative/ statements
imperative/ commands or requests
interrogative/ questions
exclamatory/ exclamations

These are types of sentences by purpose:
Declarative: Statement (.) –declares something
Interrogative: Question (?) –a detective interrogates a suspect
Exclamatory: Exclamation (!) –exclaims
Imperative: Command or Request (. or ! ) –has an implied subject

Just for fun:
I gave a quiz to some students about types of sentences by purpose, and these were among the answers:
Not "derogatory"!  -- That would mean you are saying something mean about someone.
Not "circulatory"!  That's a system of the body.  Mr. McNeil says it would not have any end punctuation because the circulatory system never ends! 😂
Not "excramatory"!  That sounds too much like an adjective             you'd use to describe bathroom activities.


 Help and Enrichment 

See our extra credit opportunities on the tab above.

Information to Help You Understand Conventions

Some Basic Parts of a Sentence



See this post:  My Favorite ALOT -- But Not a Correct Spelling!

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