Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thursday/Friday, April 27/28, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:

 The Reading/Listening portion of the SAGE ELA Test will be given 
at the beginning of May -- May 1-4.  
We are preparing for that now.  

Come rested and well-fed and hydrated! 

You can practice with a training test at 
Click "Sign In."
Select Grade 7
Click "Yes."
Select "Reading Language and Listening"
Look over the Settings Options
Click "Select."
Click "Yes."
Do the Sound and Video Check.
Do the Text to Speech Sound Check.
Glance Through Instructions and Help.
Click on "Begin Test Now."

Read the questions for a passage.
Then read the passage.
Notice that you have Masking, a Dictionary, and Notes, 
and that you can highlight sections.
Notice how to use the editing questions. 
Some have a drop-down list of answers.  
There may be more that don't show until you scroll through them.
Some editing questions may require you to type a correction.
Read over your correction.  The sentence should make sense with it inserted.

You phone needs a safe home while we are testing. You CANNOT take it into the test.
                         No cell phones allowed!                            

Targets for Today:

I can be prepared to show what I know when I test.
I can recognize coordinate adjectives and correctly use commas with them. 

Today’s  Agenda:

  • Come well rested and fed and hydrated. 
Facts about the SAGE test.

  • During the test, the teacher will be able to answer questions about the mechanics of the test, but not about the particular prompt or passages. 
  • Read through the questions for a passage BEFORE you read the passage. 
  • There will be a listening portion in the test. 
    •  Set up the sound before you begin the test.  You may also adjust the sound using an icon in the upper right hand corner. 
    • You may bring your own headphones, if you wish

Practices for the test. 
     Text Structure
     Poetry and Figurative Language
     Reading a passage and answering questions. 

Coming soon to a classroom very near you: Coordinate adjectives retest 

If You Were Absent:
See above.
See me to take the post-test.