Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coming October 20-23

The term ends Friday, October 23.

Book Discussions -- Book of the Month -- October 20-21
For this Book of the Month, read contemporary realistic fiction.
See your goldenrod handout for the Book of the Month Assignment.
You have also received your evaluation sheet.  On the back a place for notes (and further explation of theme) is provided.
The book discussions will be held on October 20/21. 
October Group Book Discussion Evaluation.docx  

Common Themes.

  •       If you earned less than 70/87 on your composition book, you may prepare it and have it rechecked by the end of the day on October 14 -- extended to October 21.

Writing Paragraphs

Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech 2015

More of The Outsiders and Argument

Begin studying for the Argument Vocabulary Post Test.
Quizlet for argument vocabulary:
(Notice that Quizlet provides you with several different ways to study for the test.)
Important Note: When we take the argument vocabulary post test (in Term 2), you will be expected to know ALL of the terms and their definitions.

If you are absent on any of these days, go to the above links to study.