Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All about Recognizing  Main Ideas 
and About Preparing for Testing

Self-Starter for A4:
  1. Write your name on the green paper.
  2. Read the passage on the green paper. 
  3. Below the passage label and write a one word topic for the passage.  What is it about?
  4.  Expand the topic to four or five words that tell more exactly what the passage is about. This should NOT be a complete sentence.
  5. Look for one sentence in the passage that tells what the whole thing is about.  Underline that sentence. 
(Save the Raisin) 

Self-Starter for A1, A2, A3:
1. Under Notes and Quick Writes,write for about ten minutes about one aspect of your spring break.

2. Create a title which is the topic -- one   word
3. Write the main idea of your ten minute write in one sentence.

(Save the Raisin)
Today we are going to focus on figuring out the topics and main ideas of passages.

Target:  Each student should be able to recognize the topic and main idea of a passage, using clues within and around the passage. 



4.  Music for Main Idea  on YouTube(Building a Paragraph)
Main Idea Song  on TeacherTube

5. Clues for Finding the Topic and Main Idea

 6a. Topic practice with objects and ideas   -- toy, utensil,

6b. How Big is Your Topic?  

A Narrow or a Broad Topic?

A4: Raisins

A4: Test Prep

Test practice

Wild Animals 

Test Preparation:  Silent Conversation on the Whiteboard front and back (class divided) with four markers

The Successful Test Taker

Main Idea Practice:  to- Raisins    (test practice with poem)    with -   Siv Cambodian  [Where is Cambodia?]  (test practice with editing)   by  -- Beavers or Zoo  (test practice with a passage)

A1, A2, A3 did Chips, Raisins,  and started Siv with notes
    A3 needs test prep silent conversation  
A4 did  Chips, Raisins,  and Beavers

Have you signed up for your realistic fiction book?  Today is the due day for signing up.