Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Core Testing  = CRT Testing = Utah State Test

Remember to bring a book to read in case you finish early.

You may bring a clear water bottle and keep it under your chair while testing on the computer.
Don't let yourself be dehydrated. 

You may not bring snacks.  Make sure you have eaten a healthy breakfast, and, if you're in A4, a healthy lunch, too.

Get enough sleep the night before.

Hints for taking tests: 

Spring 2012  Core Test: What Will Be On It This Year -- Probably

 A2:   Write a letter to Ms. Dorsey, to answer these questions:

What book are you reading and who is the author?
Who is the main character (or one of the main characters)? 
What conflict is the main character (or one of the main characters) in your contemporary realistic fiction book facing?  How is this main character and his or her life like and unlike your life?  

Your letter will look something like this: 
Write it in letter format with heading, greeting, body, and conclusion. 
Don't forget --if you are handwriting it -- to underline the book title.  Italicize book titles if you are typing.

American Fork Junior High School
Room 206 
Period A2
April 23, 2012

Dear Ms. Dorsey,  [Tell about the book and the main character, and his or her main conflict.  This example is NOT realistic fiction.]
      I’m reading Speed of Light by Lee Baker.  The main character in my book is Pierce Black.  His biggest conflict is man vs. man because there are people trying to kill him who have already killed his wife and brother in law and others.  
[Tell how you're NOT like the main character.]
      He is not like me because he is an adult and I’m pretty sure no one wants to kill me.   He has been married and has a son, and of course I don’t.   [And more. . . ]
[Tell how you're  like the main character.]
      We do have some things in common because he’s a test pilot, and that is what I’d like to be.  He also enjoys reading Shakespeare plays like I do.  [And more. . . ]
       In conclusion, the main character in Speed of Light and I are alike in some ways, and unlike in others.  I certainly hope I never have the types of problems he has!

Jim White