Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Outsiders Essay should be finished and revised and edited by the end of today to get a satisfactory grade to be applied to your term grade.  We will not be in a computer lab today.

Self-Starter:  Prepare for a quiz on your commonly confused words.

Today we will do activities to make sure you know the commonly confused words. 
1. Quiz/Practice Test
2. Making Mini-Posters
3.  If time -- Sparkle!

This is the format of the test we will take next Tuesday, October 25 on commonly confused words.:  Practice Commonly Confused Words Test.doc

confused words chart.doc

confused words chart with a few pictures.doc 

Don't forget that you should have your book finished by next Tuesday, October 25!
October BoM Assessment.doc
Bring your book to class on the 25th.

No Mock Trial on Wednesday, October 19.

Intervention is available for English and reading classes.

October 19th is the

last day to hand in late, revised, or extra-credit work for first term .


Are you ready for your Book-of-the-Month test?

Are you caught up on your composition book?  See the tab above labeled "Composition Book."

Test on Commonly Confused Words  -- Don't forget the commonly confused words!  The test will be on October 25.  

October 19 is the last day to hand in late and revised work.

confused words chart.doc