Monday, October 10, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You will have a substitute teacher today because I will be attending training meetings at the district office with other English and history teachers.

P.T.S.A. Reflections entries are due by Wednesday, October 19.   Extra credit is available in English class for entering the literature division.

Book orders are due by the 14th.  I could send an order before that if I receive enough requests.


Self-Starter:  Students will read and complete a page about creating effective concluding sentences on paragraphs.  If you  are absent, you could pick one up from the files at the back of the room when you come back, or you could download this file:

Concluding Sentence Lesson.doc

2.  Reading The Outsiders (and listening to the audio book) --
A1   page 104 (Chapter 6, 32:48) to 122
A2   page 110 (Chapter 7 -- page 110, nightmare)  to page 131
A3   page 101 (Chapter 6, 20:05)  to page 122
A4   page112 (page 110, nightmare 3:00)   to  page 138

List episodes/events in your composition book.   Notice conflict.

At page 122:  Stop and write in your composition book under Notes and Quickwrites. 
QuickWrite:  The Outsiders   Label:  Before I Die
            In The Outsiders,  Johnny says, “It ain’t long enough.  Sixteen years ain’t long enough.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if there wasn’t so much stuff I ain’t done yet and so many things I  ain’t seen.  It’s not fair.”
Discuss and/or describe two or three things you would really like to do or see before you die.  Remember to write at least a half page or 12 sentences.

A2 -- Think of ideas, and if you can remember, bring stuff next time to create our door decoration for Red Ribbon Week! There is a competition among the A2 Classes.



October Book-of-the-Month    

Book-of-the-Month:  Find another novel, but in a different genre, and read it by October 25.   For example, if you read a fantasy book in September, you could read an adventure or historical fiction or other genre this month

 Be prepared to tell about what happened, where it happened, and who it happened to from the point of view of one of the main characters in the book.  What are that character's problems?  Are the problems solved?  How?   This time we'll try to avoid spoilers (about how the book ends).

For extra credit, come on the assessment day dressed as that character.  

To find our lists of recommended books and of books you may not use, go to

Books you may NOT use for the Book-of-the-Month assignments

 Have your book read and be ready to write about it on October 25. 



Are you ready for your Book-of-the-Month test?

Are you caught up on your composition book?  See the tab above labeled "Composition Book."

Test on Commonly Confused Words  -- Don't forget the commonly confused words!  The test will be on October 25.  

October 19 is the last day to hand in late and revised work.

confused words chart.doc