Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 9/10, 2009

Be thinking (for today) of a time when you had a fun experience with a family member or friend.

Don't forget to check your grades to see if you are missing any work.

(B-Day students were unable to take the SRI because of technical difficulties.)
1. Today we are taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory -- a computer test to determine your reading level.

You will select three genres of reading materials you are interested in, read directions for the test, take a practice test, and then take the real test.

Do your best on the practice test because it actually will determine where your test begins.
Do your best on the test because it will be used to select the books you read this year and may be used in determining some of your classes for this year and next.

2. We will also be taking a District Writing test using the MyAccess computer writing program.
See me about arranging a time to make-up the test(s) if you are absent.