Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Assessment

You may complete or improve your assessment from home. Just hurry, because I will be grading them very soon. You will need your username and password (received in class on the 23rd and 24th) to work on your wiki page. The last day for revisions on this is October 7.

Your assessment has three parts:
1) Filling in the basic information you've already recorded in your composition book on September 11/14.

2) Writing a letter, pretending that you are "in" the book. You are visiting or living in the setting of the novel, and you have gotten acquainted with the characters. In your letter you are going to describe the setting (time and place) and describe one or more of the characters. Use the charts you filled out, and describe both setting and character very well.

Remember that the author will tell you about a character by describing him or her, by what he or she does, by what he or she says and how he or she says it, and by what he or she thinks.

You are told about a character by the author, by another character, or by himself or herself.

For setting, describe the place and time. Use description, if any, from the book. Could you help your reader picture/visualize the place and time?

3) Writing a recommendation for the book, telling who would enjoy reading it and why, and what rating your give the book (one to five stars, five being the best) and why you would rate it that way. Don't just use words like good or great. Be specific.

This will all be posted on your wiki page on our class wiki.

Your purpose in this assignment is to show your understanding of the book you chose, as well as of the literary elements character and setting, and to provide information to people who might be considering reading the book.

Your audience is your teacher and other students who are looking for books to read.