Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 15/16, 2009

September 15/16, 2009

1. Presentations of confusing words.

2. More on colons and using specific details in our writing.
a) example of prose about candy (and related subjects)
b) examples of sentences about candy that use a colon to introduce a list.
c) Write your own piece about candy (and/or related subjects), filling up a whole page of your composition book with this piece of writing. Try using a colon in your piece to introduce a list.
Here is a copy of the examples and information on the overhead:
Lists of Details (Including those introduced by colons)

We also enjoyed bragging about which of the penny candies we planned to snap up during our sweet-tooth runs to Suzy's tiendita. Inside the little store, in the presence of the tiny yet intimidating Suzy, we walked around in hushed reverence, debating the intrinsic value of candy cigarettes, wax bottles of sugary "soda water," and pastel necklaces made of sweet-tart gems.

No expert appraiser at Tiffany in New York matched the intense squint of our eyes as we pushed and shoved each other out of the way, gazing hungrily at the tasty jewels encased in round glass jars topped with "fiesta red" lids.

Our purchases safely stuffed into little brown paper bags, we exploded onto the dusty callecita of Alice, Texas. With our bare feet, we kicked up dusty clouds from the road as we walk to our Tia Elia's house, reverting to loud, boisterous "Tejano talk" we seemed to reserve only for members of our own family. Oh, the fights over who had made the best purchase. "Mira, mines is more sabroso than yours," a cousin would shout. Another would counter with, "I'm gonna wear this candy necklace all day and then eat it after we have Tia Elia's calabaza con pollo. Ay, it looks like real jewels, right?"

-- Mario Bosquez's The Chalupa Rules: A Latino Guide to Gringolandia (2005)


Lists of Details (Including those introduced by colons)

A new sentence from Bosquez's story:

The tiendita was full of valuables: sweet-tart gem necklaces, candy cigarettes, wax bottles of sugary "soda water." (Anderson)

I couldn't wait to eat my favorite candies at the Sack-n-Pack: fire Jolly Rancher bars, pixie sticks, and grape Now or Laters. (Anderson)

When it was time to go to the candy store, the hunt for loose change began: under the couch, between the cushions, beneath Dad's La-Z-Boy (especially there). (Anderson)

Boxes of my favorite penny and nickel candies lined the low shelf: green apple bubble gum balls, Atomic Fireballs, candy cigarettes (which my mom wouldn’t let me have, but they tasted so good), root beer barrels, wax pop bottles, and Kits in four different flavors – banana, chocolate, strawberry, and peanut butter.

Now, in your composition book, write about candy – or anything related to it – anything that connects to you from the pieces we’ve just read. Write a whole page-worth.

Use lists to include specific details. You may choose whether or not to use a colon, but I’ll be especially happy if you do!

3. Introduction to PowerSchool and our Class Blog. (If time)

4. Take or finish the SRI -- Some A1 students may need time to finish GMA test?
Any district tests still unfinished because of our technical difficulties must be finished today.

(If needed, work on your writing about candy, or quietly read your novel if you have extra time.)

5. (If time: Topic and Theme and
The Outsiders)

1) Go to our school website at
2) Click on the Powerschool button directly under the picture of the interior of Timpanogos Cave.
3) Fill in your user name and password.
Today we will look at some of the features of PowerSchool such as clicking on a score, clicking on the assignment name, clicking on Teacher Comments.

Our Class Blog
You can go directly to or
go by way of our school website this way:
1) Click on "Faculty and Staff" under the picture of Timpanogos Cave.
2) Scroll down to Claudia Dorsey and click on Classroom Web Page.
3) Once you're there, scroll down through posts, or scroll down to the blog archive, or use the search box at the top of the page if you're looking for a particular topic. (If you use the search, notice the dates on the posts, since some it brings up may be from previous years.)

4) While you're there, also check out our calendar (in the right hand margin), and click on the illustration of the peanut butter sandwich to go our wiki where you'll find more information and printable handouts.

You should have received a letter in the mail with your user name and password to get into PowerSchool.