Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 25/26, 2008

March 25/26, 2008

Test Preparation -- More Practice with an article about "The Evacuation of Saigon."

More about the Book-of-the-Month Club -- One possible project is a poster. -- See some examples from last year displayed in the room. (Your requirements may be a little different.)

Once again, you are "Sentenced." Today we are talking about sentences and clauses (dependent and independent. Students viewed the PowerPoint - Part 2 and filled in the blanks for notes on the PowerPoint information. B-DAY STUDENTS TOOK A QUIZ.

Check out our wiki for copies of handouts and even the PowerPoint about Sentences.

We are going to the Media Center to look for books and to do a scavenger hunt in print resources. (reference books!)

If you are absent, you need to do the test practice, get the worksheet that went with today's PowerPoint (you may ask a classmate for the words to fill in the blanks), and complete (on out own) the media lab assignment.