Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April 2/3, 2009

April 2/3, 2009
Self-Starter: Prepare to go to the Computer Lab -- For survey and introduction to our class wiki.

1. Computer Lab for a survey and learning a bit about using the Wikki!

For a copy of the handout we used in the computer lab, go to
Go to the folder named "Student Pages." Open it. Click on the link to files at the bottom of the "Navigator" box. Click on "Wiki Computer Lab 1" to open it. It will upload to your computer and you could read or print it from there.

2. Test prep. practice -- editing. (If you were absent see the folders at the back of the room.)

3. Sentenced Again! We did another section of PowerPoint and completed fill-in-the-blank notes. See Ms. Dorsey's wiki for the notes page and PowerPoint.

4. Stand Tall -- We finished reading chapter 1 and answered some questions in the packet.
B1 and B3 have not read the rest of chapter 1 at all.
B2 read through "You give me a call. . . " on page 6.