Sunday, June 14, 2015

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!

Today we celebrate our flag, our country, 

and the men and women who have protected them.

Here are some videos about our flag to watch:
Robin Williams as the U.S. Flag: 

Red Skeleton about the Pledge of Allegiance

For more information, see

You might want to try entering this contest next year:

Here are some recommended children's books for flag day:

To read something patriotic, you could pick a nonfiction historical book or an historical fiction book about the beginnings of our country or about other parts of our country's history.
I recommend these:

  1. My Brother Sam is Dead:  Revolutionary War
  2. Johnny Tremain
  3. Woods Runner 

One of my favorite nonfiction books is a first hand account of the experiences of a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  That soldier was Joseph Plumb Martin, and  I purchased the book at Valley Forge when visiting there with family.
You can read about him and the war he experienced -- and watch videos here: