Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Similes and Metaphors from Richard Peck

Similes and Metaphors
from The Teacher's Funeral by Richard Peck

She was as silent as eternity, quieter than snow.   p. 27

With unusual presence of mind, Charlie leaped to his feet and grabbed me up like a sack of flour.    p. 27

"I was cool as a cucumber."  p. 30   This is a trite, overused phrase, but it works here because it is a direct quotation from a character who is trying to say that he wasn't afraid.

He was still as a statue between me and Dad, trying to make himself smaller.   p. 41

"This generation of the young is one mess of bad puppies. Oh ye parents, take it out of their hides tonight! Rein them in before they strike again!"   
-- Preacher Parr at the teacher's funeral p. 42

"If it hadn't been for this girl here who had to about carry me up the bank on her back, I'd still be in the cress down there, wilting like a salad with one foot in the cattails and the other in the grave." [This is a mixed metaphor.]
-- Aunt Maud p. 51 

"He wore no shirt under his overalls, and he was muscled like a bull, tight as a tree."  p. 109