Friday, November 22, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Announcements and Reminders:
Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving!

1. If your "Effects of TV" essay is not up to a 3.2 score, get it there or higher as soon as possible. Make sure you have followed the essay outline given to you, and have followed all other directions.

2. If you are ready to go on to the December Book of the Month, remember that you are reading the genre you did not read in November -- either fantasy or science fiction.  Bring it to class each time.  

The assessment for the month will be preparing an entry for the Letters on Literature contest. Your letter does not need to be about the book you are reading in class.  It should be about a book that is especially meaningful to you.  See the tab above for Required Reading to find more information on your December assignment.  
 It will be due by January 7.  
  • It is not a summary.  The author already knows the story.
  • Correspond, don’t compliment! Your letter should inform rather than flatter the author. All FAN letters will be eliminated!
  • See the tab above for Required Reading for downloads and more information. 

Today's Class Activities:

1.  Individual Reading Time (and preparing for the book assessment) -- Introduction of December Book Assessment.

2. Today is the day for the November Book Assessment.
We will be in computer lab 223.
Receive this rubric:  November BoM Grading.doc
Log into My Access and find the prompt "Theme in a Novel Assessment."

Here are the handouts in case you have lost yours:

On MyAccess, find the prompt directions and sample letter under "Prompt," selecting "Instructional Resources" from the drop-down menu.  
   Don't forget to "submit writing" and "final submit."
When are you finished, hand in your yellow packet with charts and the half sheet.  Do not forget to mark how much of the book you have read. 

If you did not turn in your yellow packet today, let me know when you have finished your letter.  Turn in your packet.  You could also email me before you turn in your packet but after you have finished your letter, and I'll try to grade your letter sooner.  

Here is another example:  

Letter about Theme -- A Great Student Example

If you have extra time, work on your "The Effects of TV" essay. 

If you were absent:
Go to  Log in using the directions on the tab above.
Type your letter.
Hand in this rubric showing how much of the book you have read:
November BoM Grading.doc
     Don't forget to do file submit and final submit.

On MyAccess, find the prompt directions and sample letter under "Prompt," selecting "Instructional Resources" from the drop-down menu.

If you need to make-up spelling, here is the document (or pick up the pink slips in the handout box): 
Commonly Confused Word Make-Up(4).doc