Sunday, November 3, 2013

Literary Letter

Sample and Points

                    Literary Letter on Theme  -- Sample 

Use letter format, including heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature. 

Don't forget to italicize the title of your book, or underline it if you are handwriting this letter.

American Fork Junior High School
Room 219 
Period  A2  [Replace with your own period.]
May 9, 2012  [Replace with today's date.]
Dear Ms. Dorsey, 
      I’m reading Stand Tall by Joan Bauer.  A major theme in my book is this: “You can find meaning and purpose in your own tough times by helping others.”
      In Stand Tall,  Tree is going through a tough time because his parents just got divorced.  Even though the changes that go with that are hard for him, he finds meaning and purpose and even fun and happiness by helping other people. 
     For instance, Tree is able to help his grandfather a lot when the grandfather has his leg amputated.  When he visits Grandpa in the hospital, that cheers up Grandpa, and Tree has fun there putting together the ugly lamp.  Because Tree is big and tall, he can help his grandfather with his therapy and help him get around.  Because Tree is smart, he can help by designing and building a device that helps his grandfather get things he needs.
    Also, Tree  helps Sophie Santack by being her friend even though the popular kids treat her badly.   He invites her to eat lunch with him and his friends after the other girls are so mean to her.  He spends time with her and she turns out to be a good friend.
     He is there to help his grandfather when they find out a flood is coming, and Tree helps many people in his neighborhood by protecting their pets.   
     And at the very end of the book, he helps his community in a way only someone who is nicknamed Tree could.  All of these times that he helps others bring him purpose and happiness.
   For me, when I'm unhappy, I can look around for other people who are having problems.  An example of this would be when I'm lonely at school, I can watch for other people who seem to be alone, and go talk with them, and perhaps become their friend.  
   Also, I can look for ways that I can serve other people.  Maybe the widow in my neighborhood needs her lawn mowed or her flowers watered.   Or perhaps a young mother I know could use a babysitter to help her out or someone to do her dishes even.  By helping others, I could be happier, even if I'm going through tough times myself.  This is a lesson I've learned from the novel Stand Tall.

Suzy Quillen

Grading for Literary Letter on Theme  from ___________ Period _____
o   _____/  In letter format
o   _____/   What book are you reading and who is the author?
o   _____/   What is one of the major themes?
o   _____/    How is this theme shown in the book?
o   _____/   How could you apply  this theme in your own life – now or later? 
_______/     I read the entire book.    or   _____  I read _____ % of the book.