Monday, July 1, 2013

Journal Topics

from Write Source 7

Here’s what a new student needs to know about my school.
Why weekends should be longer
A narrow escape from trouble
What I’ve broken or lost that belongs to someone else
My first friend
A visit to a relative’s house
My chores
A dedicated teacher or coach
When I was lost
My idea of a fun weekend
A school field trip
I’ve done something no one else has done.

I’m principal for the day. Here’s my schedule of events.
A typical lunch hour
If only I would have listened!
How could TV be better?
My favorite neighbor
My bedroom from top to bottom
A memorable bus ride
My best class ever
My first concert
Finally, a good assembly
If I could be someone else, I would be . . .
The most fun I’ve had recently

A toy I’ve held onto all these years
A trip to a space station
The wildest hairstyle I’ve ever seen
What’s good about hard work?
A cool store
Why parents should be honest with their kids
Dear Senator:
Why school fund-raisers are important
My favorite singer(s)
Rights that kids in my grade should have
What a house of the future will look like
My participation in an outside-of-school activity
How I picture myself four years from now
Can farmers grow enough food for everyone?

The worst food I ever ate
Summer in a cabin by a lake
How I can change the way I look
We couldn’t stop laughing!
We got caught!
A toy, stuffed animal, or game that once meant a lot to me
Why I deserve a larger allowance
The book that got me hooked on reading
This really bugs me.
One thing I want to do by the time I finish 7th grade
I would like to have lived during this time in history.