Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 18, 2010

Deadline to receive points for book-of-the-months sign-up 
New Seating

1. Bell-Ringer: Perfect Paragraph Packet, page 10.  --This page will be corrected today.
Hand in your  book-of-the-months sign-up sheet.
Prepare for your spelling test. 

Perfect Paragraph Packet.pdf

2. Spelling test on extra-  See the tab above for Spelling.
A1, A3, A4 will take the test on November 18.
A2 will take the test on November 22.

Legibility/correct formation of letters counts! Capitalize only letters that should be capitalized. 

Next spelling test:

Vocabulary/Spelling #4              Test on December 1, 2010

Suffix to study:   -ate which means cause, make, operate upon (This suffix makes verbs.)
Words to learn for the spelling test:
1.    separate
2.    create (on state list)
3.    segregate
4.    dominate
No retakes will be available, so study the words and word parts sets as they come. 

Extra credit for spelling #4 -ate

1. The se- in separate means "apart."

2. The crea- in create means "to make."

3.  The "greg" in segregate means "flock."  

4.  The "domin" in dominate means "master or control."


A1, A3, A4 will take the test on November 18.
A2 will take the test on November 22.

3. Reading Minute:  See the calendar on this blog for the date you signed up for.
A1    Palace of Mirrors by
A2   The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
A3  Bridge to Terabinthia  by Katherine Paterson
 Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix
A4 - Quiver by Peter Leonard

4. Continue  Reading The Giver -- 760L --Observe for evidence of what the community portrayed in this book is like.
All classes are up to chapter 3.

For later:  

The Giver   Giver Chapt. 3-6 Questions.doc

Giver Chapters 7-9 Questions.doc

Ideas for SSR -- symbolic story representations