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November 16, 2010

Bell-Ringer: Fill out the Giver Anticipation Guide

Counselors with A2 Media Safety Presentation?

Reading minute -- See the class calendar on this blog if you're wondering what day you have signed up for.
A1  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
A2  Fablehaven  by Brandon Mull
A3  Peek-a-Boo (I See You!)  by Mary Martinez
A4  Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Teacher example of an SSR (symbolic story representation) for the Book-of-the-Months assignment. See the tab above for Book-of-the-Month.

Spelling -- Don't forget to study every school day for ten minutes or so, at least until you're certain you have the spelling assignment mastered.  See the tab above for spelling. This week: extra-
Class activity for the spelling words. 

A1, A3, A4 will take the test on November 18.
A2 will take the test on November 22.

Begin Reading The Giver -- 760L --Observe for evidence of what the community portrayed in this book is like.
A1  through page 4
A2 2/3 of the way through page 3
A3 2/3 of the way through page 6
A4 through page 4

Anticipation Guide for The Giver.doc

Vocabulary for The Giver



Class jobs --


Originally posted November 9.  Updated November 13.