Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Portfolio Book Approval

Portfolio Book Approval -- Seventh Grade English -- Dorsey
Dear Parents,
During each of the remaining terms of this school year, your student will be doing an assignment called the book portfolio. For Term 2, your student needs to choose a novel of any type
(a fictional book that has at least 100 pages) that he/she has NOT read before, that is at his/her own reading level, and that is not on our department list of books not allowed for the portfolio. (See the back of this form.)
Once the book is chosen, please sign this paper to indicate your approval. Your student must have his/her novel in class with the signed portion of this paper by November 9, in order to receive full points. Sooner is better. Encourage your student to read his/her book whenever and wherever possible.
This term's portfolio assignment will be passed out by November 7. (Sooner, if possible.) I recommend that your student finish his/her book at least a week before the first project due date: November 30. That way he/she will have time to get the project done. The second part of the project will be due December 14. This will be an interesting assignment that requires creativity and understanding of the book. Quality work handed in early is welcome!
Thanks for your help!
Sincerely, Ms. Dorsey

Student name: (Please print first and last name)
Title of novel:
Author's name:
Number of pages: (The book should be at least 100 pages long.)
Parent signature:
Teacher approval
Points _____/10 + on time _____/10

See the list of books not allowed for the Portfolio Project.