Monday, December 5, 2016

Charity Basketball Games -- Coming December 21-22

Students will have the opportunity to attend our Charity Basketball Games on December 21 and 22. Seventh graders attend first period,  eighth second period, and ninth fourth period.

● No backpacks in the gym.
● Take care of personal needs before entering the gym. Once students are in the gym they are NOT to leave until the end of the game.
● NO saving seats. Sit close, no feet on the bleacher below, we need every inch.
● Students may only attend their grade’s game.
● Students are required to pay $1 ​each time they enter the gym for a period -- but it would be wonderful if you brought more!
● NO CAVE Time on Wednesday 12/21 or Thursday 12/22.
● ALL proceeds from the games will be given to AFJH families in need

  • Students with more than one F will not be able to participate in the games.