Friday, August 1, 2014

Composition Book Set-Up

Composition Book Set-Up

We will do this in class, but if you'd like to get a head start, you may.

English 7 Composition Book Set-Up
On the cover of your composition book, write your name, period, and number.
The teacher will assign you a number.
Divide the inside of your composition book into these sections:
Number the pages in your composition book from 1 to 150. Number front and back.
On page
Put this:


Table of Contents
Part I: Spelling and Vocabulary
1. Spelling Essentials
2. Words to Know (Vocabulary)
3.: Word Parts (Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes)
                                  Part II:  Reading
4. Books I’ve Read Since August 21, 2017
5. Books I think I’d like to read
6. Reading Response Log
                                   Part III: Writing
7. Editing Reminders for ME
8. CSI Sentences/Grammar
9. Notes and QuickWrites
Last page: Appointment Clock
 Leave it Blank
 Words to Know (Vocabulary)    
 Word Parts
 Books I’ve Read (Beginning August 21, 2017)
 Books to Read
 Reading Response Log
Editing Reminders for ME
83- 99
CSI Sentences/Grammar
Notes and QuickWrites

You need a composition book that is NOT spiral bound.
It is important that you keep your composition book
neat and whole.       
Do not tear or otherwise damage it or tear out pages.
Keep your entries in order.

As you use the pages, write on both the front and the back.

Any color or pattern will do.