Monday, July 28, 2014

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Own it!  

1. Be where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there, doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  
Important detail: Cell phones should be turned off and put away during class time.    
Important detail:  We will have quiet, individual reading time and writing time.  It is important for everyone to be reading or writing quietly and not bothering each other.  There will be other times to consult and share.

2. Be kind. 
3. Be attentive and responsive.    (No fidget spinners or other nuisance items!)  ; Important detail:  We will share our writing.  Sometimes you will be sharing.  Other times you will be respectfully listening to others share.  Showing that you can be a respectful audience is important and part of your grade. 
4. Be good to the stuff.
  a. Don’t do damage.
  b. Put it where it belongs.

Some specifics:

           Especially for this classroom:  
                 WE ARE A SCENT-FREE ZONE. 
  Please avoid using perfume, cologne, and other scented products.  

At the End of Class
                    You are NOT excused by the bell.  Wait to be excused by the teacher. 

Not this!
This! (with a mostly accurate portrait of Ms. Dorsey)

Drinks and Food
  • I encourage you all to bring to class water in a clear bottle.
        • A hydrated brain learns best.
  • Do not bring food or candy unless I have announced a party. 
  • If I hand out a treat, you may eat it in class.
  • If you have a medical need, you should let me know, and you may eat a snack as needed.

The bottle above is an extra-cool water bottle, but please bring only see-though bottles.

and put it away!