Monday, November 5, 2012

The Always War -- Haddix

From the A.F. Library Teen Reads Club:
THE ALWAYS WAR by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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For as long as Tessa can remember, her country has been at
war. When local golden boy Gideon Thrall is awarded a
medal for courage, it's a rare bright spot for everyone in
Tessa's town--until Gideon refuses the award, claims he
was a coward, and runs away. Tessa is bewildered, and
can't help but follow Gideon to find out the truth. But
Tessa is in for more than she bargained for. Before she
knows it, she has stowed away on a rogue airplane headed
for enemy territory. But all that pales when she discovers
a shocking truth that rocks the foundation of everything
she's ever believed--a truth that could change the world.
Is Tessa brave enough to bring it into the light?

"New York Times" bestselling author Margaret Peterson
Haddix writes a thrilling novel about an all-too-
recognizable future.