Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Books -- Jessica Day George

Here is another review by Ms. Staheli:

06/01 LuAnn Staheli gave 5 stars to: Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George
bookshelves: middle-grade
status: Read in May, 2010

Despite the fact I wasn’t familiar with the fairytale used as a basis for Princess of the Midnight Ball, I loved that book and have already recommended it to many of my students. This time, youngest sister, Princess Poppy, is back in a tale of her own that is woven into the more familiar Cinderella story which made for a delightful read.

It is no wonder that Princess Poppy doesn’t want to dance with the many potential suitors she meets in the royal exchange program her father and some neighboring kings have devised, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in the handsome prince who promises her friendship . . . and perhaps more. But when the penniless servant Eleanora enters the picture, Poppy must unravel where the other girl gets those fine gowns she wears when she is somehow invited to the ball.

Princess of Glass speaks to the romantic in us all, and I know it will be a favorite with my 7th grade girls next year as well.