Assignments 2018-2019

Assignments 2018-2019

Nacerima -- 

T-Chart implicit-explicit.docx -- ungraded 

7th Eng Disclosure Dorsey 2018-2019 Aug.doc 6-Word Memoir.docx

Take the assigned pretests -- to see where you are right now.

For the September Book-of-the-Month, see the Required Reading tab here on this blog.

Bring your composition book, 
and keep up with the assignments for each day.  See the tab for the composition book. 

1.  QuickWrite in your composition book.   On page 5 of your composition book, title your entry
"Dance Like Nobody's Watching."  Write a half page or more in response to the meme.
Make it legible and do your best to use correct capitalization, spelling, punctuation, etc.

2. Writing Prompt:  in your composition book
In your composition book, last time you wrote on page 5 about "Dance Like Nobody's Watching." If you did not write a half page, leave enough room so you can finish that when you have spare time.  

Right after the half page you wrote last time on page 5, 
  • label the next prompt,  "First Day of Seventh Grade," 
  • add today's date which is August 30 or 31, 2018, 
  • and write at least a half page about your first of day of school this year.  
  •  If you don't finish writing your half page during the time allowed, leave room so you can finish later. 

3. Conventions:  in your composition book


Copy these sentences into your composition book After the two writing prompts you did, 
Label this CSI #1 and add today's date, August 30 or 31, 2018. 

Copy this sentence:
“I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.”

Just below these sentences, write three or more things that you notice about the sentence -- English teacher sorts of things.

4. Writing Prompt:  in your composition book  Label it
        "Ideas for Narrative Writing."
Today we are looking for a list -- a list of topics (subjects) for interesting stories you could write -- either nonfiction (probably autobiographical) or fictional.   List as many as you can. You are NOT writing a story now.  You are just coming up with ideas for stories you could write: brainstorming.

5. Conventions:  in your composition book
Conventions in Sentences Investigations 
After your last  writing prompt, 
copy this sentence into your composition book 
Label this CSI #2 and add today's date, September 4 or 5,  2018. 

Copy this sentence: 
Great rosebushes of red bloomed on Victor's cheeks.            
                            from "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto

Write down three or more things you notice about the sentence (English class things such as punctuation, spelling, parts of speech, sentence type, etc.  The sentences are correct – no errors in it, I hope.)  

6. Label this CSI #3 and add today's date, September 10 or 11,  2018. 

Copy this sentence: 
Yesterday I lay awake in the palm of the night. 
-- from "The Names" by Billy Collins 

Write down three or more things you notice about the sentence (English class things such as punctuation, spelling, parts of speech, sentence type, etc.  The sentences are correct .) 

7. In your composition book, number from 1-16.
For each, write the part of speech and whether or not you answered correctly on the pretest.
Smiley and Frown or yes and no or check and x?

Example:  (These are not the correct answers.)
1. noun  yes!
2. verb   no!
3. adjective   Got it!
4. . . .

8.  Tape or glue in the handout about
 Descriptive Writing. 

9. Copy this sentence into your composition book 
Label this CSI #4, and add today's date, 9/14/18 or 9/17/18.  

His room smelled of cooked grease, Lysol, and age. 
--- Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969)

Write down three or more things you notice about the sentences (English class things such as punctuation, spelling, parts of speech, sentence type, etc.  The sentence is correct – no errors in it.)  

Now, look at these imitations, using different topics: 

Hector's room smelled of gym socks, Hot Cheetos, and lies.  
                                                --- Jeff Anderson

My car smells of Armour-All vinyl cleaner, banana peels, and teenagers.
                                                    --- Ms. Dorsey

Now, write one of your own, following this pattern:  
        [imitate the original sentence, writing about a different topic.]

[Place] smells of _________________, _________________, and ________________.  

October 4/5, 2018
Conventions in Sentences Investigations 

2. Copy this sentence into your composition book, and write down at least three things you notice about it:   Label it CSI #6 and add today's date.

The moon seemed to hang behind the black mountains, shy and undecided, allowing only a weak glow to show that it was there at all.

                                      -- from Deathwatch by Robb White


Assignments 2017-2018

Turn in your disclosure document with the VIP form on the back.

Bring and set up your composition book. 

Write an 11 minute essay about what you already know about English Language Arts, following the directions given in class.  

Take the pretests for 

argument writing vocabulary
central idea
literary terms

Write the argument essay pretest.

Study for and take a spelling test on your teachers', administrators', and counselor's names, the name of this school, the address of the school, and the subjects you are taking. 



January, 2017 -- Term 3

Students viewed and listened to a presentation about the history of the English Language, and filled in Cloze notes based on that presentation.  

Students created a "Magical Study Guide" to use in preparation for a test on the 20 word parts (Greek and Latin) they will be tested on. 

Students are learning to diagram sentences so they can recognize and utilize parts of speech, sentence parts, and types of sentences to create a variety of complete and effective sentences. 

They have been quizzed on diagramming.  One score on Skyward is checking whether they have mastered the first three steps on our Diagramming Guide. 

Students are completing Sentence Investigations, notes, and writing assignments in their composition books.  The composition books are to be left in the classroom and will be checked. 

Students have received their book of the month assignment for January/February, are signing up for a book by January 26/27, and completing the assignment by February 9/10. 

______________________________________ September 2016

We are studying argument vocabulary.  Argument Writing Vocabulary Test Preparation.pptx
Your second spelling test will be on September 16/19.  See your quiz of the week for the words, or go to the spelling tab on this blog. 
Take-Home Quiz of the Week #3 

August 2016

Hand in your disclosure document signature sheet and VIP form by August 26.
                 7th Eng Disclosure Dorsey 2016-2017 Aug.doc
Your first weekly Take-Home Quiz is due by August 26/29.
                 English 7 Weekly Quiz #1.docx
Your first spelling test will be on September 1/2.
                 See the words on English 7 Weekly Quiz #1.docx or at the Spelling Tab on this blog.
Book-of-the-month assignment for September.   Due September 14/15.
Book of the Month Sept. Assignment.docx

Here is a sample essay for this September Book of the Month assignment: 

Sample for September Book of the Month

Take-Home Quiz of the Week #2
 QuizofWeek #2.docx
You should take the pretests for
  • writing a brief story (checking for legibility, conventions, and other components of writing)
  • theme  (Given)
  • informational writing  (Given, but unfinished)
  • reading level (SRI)      (Given, but unfinished by some)
  • argument writing      (8-30/31)
  • argument writing vocabulary  (Sept. 6/7)
  • conventions  (Sept. 6/7)
  • central idea  (Sept. 6/7)

__________________________________ Last Year ___________________
Term 2
Spelling:  see tab for spelling
Cherry admires Dallas.docx